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Saturday, December 29, 2001

24-7 Prayer Home Page
One of the people who used our Prayer Room here in Colorado Springs, USA was going through a very messy divorce and every Sunday would cry at church. He didn't want the divorce, but there was a court order against him. Things had broken down so badly that he wasn't even allowed to speak with his wife anymore, who now lives over 500 miles away.
This guy takes full responsibility for the breakup of his marriage, but has obviously had an encounter with Jesus that changed him. Of course his wife didn't know that anything had happened and wouldn't have believed him if he had tried to tell her. He prayed and asked others to pray for his family.

What's going on?
Well, his wife called him just this last week (which is amazing in itself since she's the one who got the Court Order against him to not speak with her!). She called to ask what was going on with him in November! (the time of our prayer room) He couldn't think of anything and asked her to clarify what she meant. She said "What's changed? Since we split in August I haven't thought about you at all. But then, since the beginning of November, you are all over me, I can't stop thinking about you. So what's changed?".

He told her about the Prayer Room and all the people praying for their marriage and she said "That explains it!" They talked for over 4 hours on the phone and then 5 more hours two nights later. They both feel that their marriage is on the right track to getting back together. Both say that it is a direct result of what went on in that Prayer Room. More prayer is needed of course for them and they are taking it slowly but God is doing miracles in hearts.

(Donna Fernandez - Colorado, USA)

Friday, December 28, 2001

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Friday, December 14, 2001

Boiler Rooms Home Page

Just Imagine...

We have a vision to see 50 Boiler Rooms open in the next 5 years in major-cities around the world. Wouldn't it be great to see these communities chatting together on the internet, sharing stories and burdens, modelling the same values but in vastly different cultures?

Imagine the Prayer power this would release and the generation that might arise with intercession in its DNA. A generation of warriors and contemplatives, pioneering new paths and expressions of communion with God.

Imagine the Creativity that could emerge - eventually impacting mainstream culture with ideas and expressions so wildly innovative and provocative they could only have come from people main-lining into the Creator himself. A new breed of artist might be nurtured with no hang-ups about the role of art in worship and evangelism. Books of poetry, worship CD's, art exhibitions, even stage shows could flow from these humble places of adoration. Count Zinzendorf gave his life to God after looking at a painting of Jesus in an art gallery - and the rest is history. Could that happen again?

Imagine the Pilgrims, travelling the earth and connecting with these centres. Some would wear suits and some would wear rags.
Maybe God is commissioning a new breed of nomad - like the ancient Franciscan [4e]friars - who will travel and preach, planting communities along the way.
But there may also be globe-trotting business people in the pilgrim ranks carrying a list of the world's Boiler Rooms. Landing in Tokyo, New York or London they would go straight to the nearest House of Prayer to find a bed far humbler than that of the Hilton but also a community that shares their heart and a place to meditate and pray, to recover from the jet-lag before their high-powered meetings the next day.

Imagine the Mission potential as word spreads through the media about these houses of Sanctuary, places where God's people with God's power are ready to listen whatever the time of day or night. Imagine the teams being trained up, tanked up and sent out - armed and dangerous to invade the high places of the generation. Imagine the headlines as documentaries are made about a counter-culture that is kind, passionate and yet disciplined. Imagine the art exhibitions where New Agers meet with God in new clothes.

Imagine the expressions of Justice and compassion, as thousands are loved in the name of Jesus - practically and in prayer. Imagine Jesus smiling and saying 'This truly is a House of Prayer - for I was hungry and you fed me… I feel at home in this place. Thank you for your welcome!'
And the scary thing about all this is that it doesn't actually take that much imagination - or that much faith to see it happening. These dreams are distinctly possible in the light of all that God is doing right now and the way that the globe is shrinking for the MTV generation. Surely it is high time we teamed up to dream this thing into being?

"The renewal of the church will come from a new type of monasticism which only has in common with the old an uncompromising allegiance to the Sermon on the Mount. It is high time men and women banded together to do this."
(Dietrich Bonhoeffer - The Cost of Discipleship)

Thursday, December 13, 2001

Dimensions of Prayer: Mission

"These (Celtic) monastic communities were not only places where interested people could come and learn about the faith… these communities acted as mission stations which trained men and women in preaching and healing, and sent them out on missions."
(Michael Mitton - Restoring the Woven Cord)
The Enemy will do anything to divorce prayer and proclamation - to stop the evangelist praying and the intercessor evangelising. Why? Because the two combined are explosive! Boiler Rooms are not just Houses of Prayer. They are also Mission stations where people gather to train, become infectious in prayer and get catapulted out, contagious with the gospel.
Go forth and Multiply!
We are called to fruitfulness. Jesus promised it to those who 'remain in him' (John 15.5) He also commands us in no uncertain terms to 'Go and make disciples' (Matthew 28). At the beginning of time God commissioned Adam and Eve to go forth and multiply (Genesis 1.28). Without wishing to be offensive, prayer without mission is really just masturbation - it takes the reproductive capacity within us and uses it for personal gratification instead of spiritual reproduction.

The exciting thing about all the prayer we're doing right now is the way that it mobilises effective mission. Not only do we become more effective evangelistically because we are walking closer to God, but we

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

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Friday, December 07, 2001

saw a interesting articleBBC News | EUROPE | Priests prepare Portugal for euro The vast empty plains of Altentejo in Portugal are one of Europe's poorest areas.
But just like urban and sophisticated Lisbon 200km down the A1 motorway the region will have to be ready for the launch of the euro on New Year's Day.

TheOoze Community I looked around the room at my cell group as we prayed. Jerry had been praying for what seemed like 30 minutes. He has so much joy and energy, but I think he felt the need to make things happen. The rest of the group just sat in silence