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Friday, January 04, 2002

Here is from my friend TallSkinnyKiwi

Happy New Year

Hope 2002 finds you adventuring with God into further depths and new areas of His Kingdom.

This is the first Boaz Report for 2002. The Boaz Report is sent to leaders of ministries in the emerging global culture by Andrew Jones (Tall Skinny Kiwi). If this reached you by mistake, or if this is an outdated email address, please let us know.

Postmodern Church Time Capsule 1.3 was posted, as it is every year, on Dec 31, 2001. This year we posted it on my personal web logging site, so it can be hypertexted and updated as the year progresses, enabling you to follow stories further and track events. You can go to the full version at Here are the main points.
In 2002,
1.Our world got more dangerous
2. The post-modern transition got more personal
3. Fantasy got more popular
4. Worship got more interactive.
5. Leaders got more connected
6. Churches got more monastic
7. Churchless believers got more vocal
8. Emerging culture got more global
9. House churches got more organized
Best book on postmodernity - The Postmodern Bible Reader.
Best web experience - Flash Labyrinth
Those wishing to publish this years time capsule - go ahead but please include a link to the original so that I can modify and update the links.

A Kingdom Space
We are presently working on a web site that will eventually introduce 100 emerging movements and networks. Due for initial release this month at

I am still being asked whether we are doing an Epicenter event in 2002. I am recommending Americans to go to as a great event hosted by participants from Epicenter 2001. However, over the last part of December, we noticed that a dozen key people who made Epicenter happen last March in Austin would be in Prague for an Emergent event this summer. After prayer and counsel, we think we should host an event of the same kind in conjunction with a conference we were already planning at the International Baptist Seminary called "The Practise of the Church in a Post . . .World. The larger event will probably be called "Epicentrum" and will take place over the last weekend in June, 2002.
Epicentrum web site should be up next month.
Latest info on Epicenter 2001 developments at

Tuesday, January 01, 2002

24-7 Prayer Home Page
Suicide isn't an option any more
"On more than one occasion I've written a prayer on the Wailing Wall crying out for help because I'm feeling the weight of everything is too much. Every time I've written one I know I've had people praying for me coz I get lifted up again, and I get really comforted. God has been amazing, so have people on this website! God has done so much for me in the past few months.
"Things aren't easy. There are still times when I feel so depressed I can't see a way out. I have got really hurt by people and struggled to move on. But at the end of the day I know God's there for me, looking after me and holding me up. I can't believe now that I used to think the only way to be free was to die. Dying is not an option. It does not bring you anything.

"I guess I wanted to say this because however bad you are feeling, whatever has happened to you, there is hope in God. Whatever has happened to you, he can help with it. Never think you don't have anywhere to turn."

(Josie, aged 15)