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Friday, March 29, 2002


We got some really cool stories on Chile coming up. The event has been very exciting and it has resulted in a lot of new initiatives.

Here are some quotes...

”I was not sure how much impact this was going to have, but the young people that came were deeply touched and I saw how they learned new things they did not know about what God is doing in our generation
Fernando Gallegos, pastor of Movement of the Despised and Rejected, Santiago, Chile

”We are very happy to be part of what God is doing among youth in Germany and also now here in Chile. There is a tight relationship between loving God and reaching our generation. We have forged new relationships that will take us forward”
Taade Voss and Ralf Eppelein. “Jesus Freaks International”. Nuremberg, Germany.

”There are young people everywhere and it has been great to know of what is happening in other nations and at the same time share what is going on here in Chile”
Jehú Aravena. Duo Armagedón. Santiago, Chile.

“This event has inspired us to win those who are like we were. We have captured a new vision from God, it is a challenge that we are ready to own”
Daniel Hernandez Ruiz. pastor and youth leader for Assemblies of God México

”This has been a confirmation of my calling which is the key this as we serve God I have been greatly encouraged as I have learned of what others are doing”
Alejandro Molina. Temuco. Chile.

”I can now tell that I’m not alone, no matter how much I feel that way. I have been encouraged to press on”
Andrés Osses. Batucadas. La Granja. Chile

“The Lord feed me and directed me in areas that I had needs. I have felt very alone and I thank God for He has not left me. This is a great beginning for a revolution in South America. I think that this has been the best!”
Alfredo Ruiz. Movement in Paraguay.

”There are great cultural differences between Japan and the things that I have heard here, however what does not change is the need that youth have for a sense of belonging
Neroli Garrett. Tokio, Japan

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Still thinking of our great time in Japan.

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Pews Should Be Full This Easter Sunday
Only about four out of 10 Americans say they go to church in any given week, but a majority report that they will be there this Easter Sunday.
About four out of 10 Americans year in and year out say they have been to religious services within the last week. This is one of Gallup's longest trends, dating back to the 1930s, and typically doesn't change a lot. But, Easter Sunday should be an exception. Roughly two-thirds of Americans -- 64% -- say they plan to attend church services this Easter, while 31% do not plan to do so. Gallup found a similar Easter spike in self-reported church attendance plans when this question was asked in March 1991.

Monday, March 25, 2002

Leaders in Chile meet to launch nation-wide movement

Tomorrow, 26 March, leaders in Chile are coming together at the invitation of Fernando Gallegos, pastor of “Despised and Rejected Movement” a church reaching the hard core edge of the emerging culture of the nation. Check out Fernando's church

In their own words at Pateando Gusanos (some stuff in English)

They will meet for two days to understand the who, where and how’s of the new generations. They will also hear stories of how Jesus is making Himself known among these people in their own country and beyond.

The objective is to meet God, learn from each other, and catch a new vision of how God’s kingdom needs to move in to bring new life and hope for this generation.

People are coming in from Japan, USA, Germany, Mexico and Paraguay. They want to learn from what God is doing here.

Please pray for them and I’ll update you tomorrow.

Act out the Easter story in your real lives this Easter... This is a brilliant idea from a bunch of students in Portsmouth UK who last year wanted to do something practical to put Jesus back at the center of Easter. Agreeing to spend much of the festival together (from Maundy thursday to Easter Sunday) they developed a way of walking with Jesus through Passover, Gethsemane, crucifixion and resurrection...see the rest at

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Untitled Document "Drinking beer is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that's a tough call. That's rebellion."
--Alice Cooper
The London Sunday Times

Hey I found a very cool site with lots of great stories. Check it out...

Well I tried to post this in Japanese and this is how it came out...

One of the most intriguing things that I have talked about with our friends in Japan has been the way that God is speaking louder outside the church than inside of it.

One of my premises for this, is that fact that He wants to see those who are yet-believers come to know Him (2 Peter 3:9). So I believe that He will speak to them using any possible means.

Last Christmas I got a copy of the U2 Elevation concert DVD. I was blown away as I felt that God was using these guys to communicate His message to a crowd that would not be found in any church. I could not believe my ears as Bono ended the concert by giving all the glory to Jesus and the Almighty and then getting everyone to join him in singing Halleluya!

I have seen the impact that bands like U2, POD and Creed are having around the world as signs of this amazing development.

Today I read a cool article related to this on the 24-7 site…read it here.

During their halftime performance at the Super Bowl in New Orleans, U2 gave fitting tribute to the Americans lost on Sept. 11. As the names of the victims were displayed over a huge backdrop, the lead singer Bono began to pray Psalm 51:15: “O Lord, open my lips, so my mouth show forth thy praise. O Lord, open my lips, so my mouth show forth thy praise.” U2 then launched into a stunning version of “Where the Streets Nave No Name.” Their recent album, All That You Can’t Leave Behind, has garnered praise from every quarter of the music scene, but many observers are also noting epiphanies at their live shows.

In writing her review of a U2 concert for the Chicago Sun Times, Cathleen Falsani observed: “I drove 200 miles this week to go to church in a gymnasium at the University of Notre Dame. With 11,000 strangers. And one Irish preacher with a familiar face.”

She goes on to confess, “in light of recent events that have sent me — like so many millions of others out there — diving back toward a place we call faith, the lyrics [Bono] sang were imbued with new meaning. It was sacred, joyful, healing. Like how church is supposed to be.” What an utterly fascinating observation found within the culture section of a mainstream newspaper.

According to the Barna Research Group, a majority of people who attend Christian worship services leave without feeling that they’ve experienced God’s presence. Less than one-third of the adults feel as though they truly interacted with God. Stunningly, one-third of the adults who regularly attend worship services say that they have never experienced God’s presence at any time during their life. According to George Barna, “The research shows that while most people attend church services with a desire to connect with God, most of them leave the church disappointed, week after week. Eventually people cease to expect a real encounter with God and simply settle for a pleasant experience.”

So what happens when people settle for the pleasant experience at church and discover the real encounter at a rock concert?

Hi. this Tallskinnykiwi. Just gate-crashing Wolf's blog to say hello and wishing all of Wolf's friends a very happy week.

Saturday, March 16, 2002

24-7 Prayer Home Page

Incredibly, P.O.D. landed at No. 12 on SPIN magazine's Top 40 feature in their April issue. Here's the blurb:

"There are generally two kinds of Christian rock. The first is overt Jesus pop like dc Talk — the soundtrack of Bible camps. The second is tricky God metal that tries to lull people into piety — stuff that sounds like overproduced Slipknot until you notice that the chorus keeps mentioning the word Eucharist.

"Then there's P.O.D., the postmodern, rap-rockin' Stryper. These Southern California survivors never get too literal or too secular, and their God is the capricious dude from the Old Testament. P.O.D. actually fasted while recording their fourth album, last year's Satellite. And what made "Alive" one of 2001's most compelling songs was the fact that it didn't feel like just another epic wail about nothingness." -- Chuck Klosterman

Friday, March 15, 2002

Yesterday I tried to blog some stuff about Japan and after writing it, it would not post and I lost it all. I will try again.

Thursday, March 14, 2002

it's been a week since I last wrote...I have been snowed under...yes it is also snowing here in CS.

The most exciting thing coming out of Japan is the desire to implement a web based Church Planter training program.

We'll start in Sept with no more than 20 teams. After a two weeks intensive session, we'll set up a monthly mentoring meeting with people in Japan who are keen to support these people.

It should teach us a lot of lessons which will help in setting up this kind of internet based training tool here and all over the globe.

We are dreaming of hundres of new churches that will change the emerging culture of Japan and will disciple the nation.

Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Today we discussed with our Japanese friends the implementation of a Web based training program for Church Planters.

The material has being developed in Germany and England and it has a distinct emphasis on church for a post-modern culture.

We are hoping to start a pilot project with 20 people of various backgrounds after this summer.

They will start with a two week intensive, which will followed up with web based input and monthly mentoring gatherings.

We need prayers for this whole process

Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Everyone arrived safely in Japan. We have our team of five safe and sound and 25 leaders from four regions in Japan.

One of the most exciting things we bring is the development of the Web based Church Panting training program. The whole things has been developed in Germany and it has a very cool feel.

We will present the program to the Japanese today and if they go for it, they will have a lot of work but they will also have a quality program that will equip those that are doing it today with very little tools or worse having to stop and go abroad!

We will have the site up sometime soon and surely I will let you know.

Keep in prayer for the meetings today.


Monday, March 04, 2002

I made it to Japan safe and sound. Tonight I had an excellent vist with Mika Goto, a sociology student. She is planting two churches in her university and is looking to her future plans.

She said that the last two weeks she has had a lot of nightmares. It seems that God is speaking to her but the enemy is trying to block the message. We prayed and took authority over that.

One of her options (which she will be in prayer for) is to work full time with the network here identifying the various youth subcultures and helping people see how they can bring Christ to them.

Pray for Mika.

Pray for the rest of the team as they fly here.

Saturday, March 02, 2002

Tonight I got word from an insider about one of the young leaders that came to Jakarta last Feb for TG Asia.
Paul is Vietnamese evangelist in Vietnam, who has come under great pressure to stop his ministry of sharing the Gospel with kids and university students. He’s one of the most effective witnesses for the Lord Jesus Christ in the nation.
At the present, the police in his city has told him to stop his discipling and evangelistic outreaches or get arrested and kicked out of his home. This young man (I’ll call him Paul) continues to pray to God and ask for guidance and continues to tell me that God has not told him to stop or to move. He has a young wife and son, and has just completed an outreach program to 250 children. Several of those children accepted the Lord.
I implore each of you to pray for “Paul.” God knows his real name and the situation. Pray that God would change the heart and position of the police who are harassing “Paul.” Pray that God would protect him and his young family. Pray that “Paul” would only suffer for the sake of righteousness and for God’s glory.

Friday, March 01, 2002

This Sunday I will go to Japan. I’m leaving under a lot of pressure for Donna’s mother, Ruth is ill in the hospital in California and Donna wishes that she could stay longer over there to help her (she returns home hours after I leave).

Please pray for her and pray for her Ruth as she recovers from pneumonia.

I got to go, for I have arranged to have the whole global team come to Japan in order to catch a glimpse of the exciting things that God is doing here. My hope and prayer is that each one of them will make a commitment to seed this exciting movement.

We will meet for three days together with the Japanese regional leaders, after that the team members will go to the various regions and will pour their oil on the Japanese fire. I will return home (08 March)

We have an exciting mix of a Brazilian, with their fire and fervor; a German, with great intellect and practical tools; a Kiwi with amazing creativity and a way to put thoughts and ideas that make perfect sense; and American who is using music to touch the culture and a Taiwanese who is making bridges to link Asians in very exciting ways.

Pray that the Lord will speak to the global team as we seek His mind about plans and developments for the future.

Please pray that the Lord will be with us and that the whole team will fit into the Japanese frame of thinking.

Pray that each one of the team members, who represent significant efforts, will fall in love with Japan.

We got to see this nation impacted, NOW, when the opportunity is ripe.


PS if you want to read more about who is doing in it Japan visit my website
PSS if you want to track developments come back here