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Monday, May 13, 2002

back home
well it was a very long trip...but I'm back home...almost...right now in LAX.

I have a proposal from my Indonesian friends that I need to give major consideration. I need prayer for wisdom.

Sunday, May 12, 2002

a plan

I spent a whole day with a group of guys who have a vision to see the nation blessed. They are looking at all the spheres of life and seeking to bring the Kingdom into them. They want to see the nation impacted by 2020. They are asking for our help!

Friday, May 10, 2002

awesome prayer

just got back to my room (0230) from a prayer meeting with 3,000 young people in a indoor stadium in Jakarta. The are praying for themselves, the church and the nation. Gen B (generation of light) is part of a major movement that is planting new churches among youth in the nation.

These guys will continue till 0600 and then go on a prayer walk through the city.

This started spontaneously last year and now people are coming to over 20 venues twice a month to pray together all night long, the next morning most of them have to either go to school or go to work.

While there are many tragedies happening here, the grace of God is evident in amazing way...

in a jail and a slum of Jakarta

Today I was able to see some the amazing ways in which young people here are making a huge difference in the lives of those who are very needy.

I visited a detention center for petty offenders and a slum area.

In both cases, young people who have great potential for "success" have set those ambitions aside and are serving the needy.

The stories in the detention center are heart rendering. In this place, Mita, a 28 year old lady has establish 20 cells. She is assisted in this work by the a team which includes the president of very successful firm. Very exciting!

In the slum, I met and heard the stories of four stories of "cousins" who came to know the Lord through miraculous healings. They are openly sharing what they have discovered and while some have endured persecution and even beatings, their story is attracting others.

This work is being led by Lukito, a 25 year old guy who has moved into the slum area and is being a blessing to the people there.

There is so much that can be done when people are willing to die to their small ambitions.

This thought reminded me of a challenge I heard almost 25 years Ontario Bible College in Toronto.

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

moving faster

The guys that picked me up at the airport were playing POD and told me that they have gone Platinum with their latest. They said that even the radio announcers say that their songs are about the Lord! When I walked into the hotel, POD was on MTV!

While here in Jakarta, I have heard from the guys in Chile and I'm learning that God is bringing in the people as the leaders open their hearts to touch them where they are. Paula, is one young lady who was approached by a group of 20 Hip Hoppers and they asked her to teach them about Jesus. They are coming three times per week and in three weeks the group has grown to 30! They are now planning an event and they are expecting at least 200 to show up. They call themselves "Poets from on High".

A new friend, Rob Lewin has said that Jesus church is about the people who aren't here yet! This is exactly what it is!

Monday, May 06, 2002


As I head towards Jakarta this morning, I'm reading in the papers that, Ja'far Umar, the head of the group Laskar Jihad has been detained. This is a surprise for they have been acting with out any fear.

This group is the one who most significantly opposes Christians and has been behind the killing of thousands. These people are dangerous and more problems could be in the horizon for the government.

Please pray for peace in this troubled land. Please pray for my safety and of those with whom we work here.


Saturday, May 04, 2002

Next trip

Thanks for your prayers for Aspen, she continues to do very well. However, our daughter Danilee lost her job at Starbucks for she had to stay with Aspen. Pray that she will know the next step the Lord has for her.

Early Monday morning I will travel to Jakarta, Indonesia. I will arrive there on Wednesday morning...yes it takes that long...

I will be seeking to accomplish three things:

1. Meet with local partners (Indonesians) who are sharing the financial costs of the project
2. Evaluate progress towards the DAWN goals
3. Be part of the launch of 24-7 Prayer (10 May) at a national level and discuss with key youth leaders their efforts

Counting arrival and departure days, I will only be there for 5 days and I have a lot to accomplish. So, I appreciate you prayers.

Donna is busy running the 24-7 prayer room at our local church (see next Blog) and she also needs your prayers as she is running very fast. She is also busy coordinating the national Soto's Syndrome Association conference here in Colorado Springs next July!

I plan to return on 13 May and the next day, Donna and I (with Michael, Natasha and Zachary) will drive to St. Louis to be part of Search Party...more later

thankful for your prayers for all of us!

Thursday, May 02, 2002

Our prayer room in the local paper

May 2, 2002

Evangelism's new look
By Eric Gorski The Gazette

Walk through the back door of Hope Chapel at any hour this week and you'll enter a different world - one where prayer is possible through paint brushes, Play-Doh and electric guitars.

On Sunday, the evangelical Christian church at Vickers Drive and Academy Boulevard set aside five rooms and asked worshippers to sign up for time slots so prayer would be happening 24 hours a day.

The goal, in part, is to show people that praying doesn't necessarily mean silent reflection, senior pastor Scott Dontanville said. There are other ways to communicate with God, he said. Today, thousands of people across the nation, including in the Colorado Springs area, will gather for a variety of National Day of Prayer observances.

At Hope Chapel, churchgoers will use one room that has: Behind a black garbage-bag curtain a couch, chairs, bongo drums and two electric guitars. There's a pair of lava lamps and a wooden cross illuminated by Christmas lights. The walls are covered with white paper so people can write their prayers, thoughts and favorite Bible versus in crayon.

A sign in a hallway urges people to "paint what God is saying to you" on 13 blank canvasses.

This unusual approach to prayer originated in Britain and has spread around the world via a Web site.

His church has a history of blending art and spirituality; on Friday nights it runs the popular Springs Café, a coffee shop with live music.

Most of this week's prayer slots are filled. Blane Hook, 43, signed up for a 3 a.m. shift because he's too busy during the day with his five kids and bike repair business.

Like an old-fashioned tent revival, the praying will continue for as long as people sign up. The public is welcome, Dontanville said. Just touch the wind chimes at the entrance before walking in.