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Friday, July 19, 2002

Back home

Today starts the 15th annual Sotos Syndrome Support Association conference.

This is the genetical condition that our son Zachary (6) has. It is an overgrowth syndrome, which makes the bones grow at a faster rate than the rest of the body.

Donna has been coordinating this whole event and has been very busy putting it all together. This year, two hundred people are coming from all over the USA, Canada and one family from Chile (of all places).

It should be a great place to meet people and share the love of the Lord.

Monday, July 15, 2002


Yesterday, I visited and worshiped with the "Movimiento Despreciados y Desechados" (Movement of the despised and rejected). A church reaching Punk and Hard Core tribes. They had just moved to their new facilities in a renovated movie theater and they were excited with the potential that this place represents for their celebrations.

Most people here are students or unemployed youth, their offerings can support the pastor but beyond that they are quite limited. A local Korean Presbyterian church in Santiago heard of their need and agreed to pay half the rent for one year. This place will available all the time and there is much more we will be able to do said Fernando Gallegos the pastor.

The Movimiento needs a new soundboard and speakers (the ceilings in the new place are so high that the sound bounces all over the place) if you can help with this let me know.

Saturday, July 13, 2002

In Santiago

yesterday we went to fly to Asuncion and found out that my reservation had
been cancelled (I made it 23 May!). It is a holiday week here so all the
flights were full and I had to stay. My coworker Jose Osses was able to go so
he is helping Freddy and his team there.

I was frustrated about this but figured that I could finish a few things here
that are still pending in Santiago.

Besides this hassle, the visit here has been great, I have learned so much
from these guys and the process is in place moving forward.

The Emerging Generation team sees six areas that they want to tackle. They
are Prayer (24-7 style), research, strategy, administration, mission, kids.
They have two or three people for each area.

However they have no money! PRAY FOR THIS! I have learned that while the
church in Chile is among the largest in Latin America is primarily among the

This is a real challenge and can become a model that others can follow in
this continent.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002


The flight to Santiago was delayed for three hours; we actually left at 0300 in the morning. I had a headache and when I came to the gate there were over 100 Chilean High Schoolers who had spent year in US schools. They were all wild about returning home.

To say the least…this was one of the most insane trips I’ve ever taken. Eight hours later, they were all shouting for joy as we landed in Santiago.

The rest of the day was spent in meetings and more meetings…till 2300.

One of the most exciting things happening here with the new models of church in the Emerging Generation is that they are becoming the oil that will fuel the fire of this movement in the rest of the continent.

Paula is one 19 year old girl I met here. She is the daughter one of the local evangelical Bishops, she was fed up with Christianity, as she knew it. Last March at the consultation here her eyes were opened to a whole new way of being church that made sense to her. She came back home on fire.

A few days later a group of Hip Hop kids showed up and asked her to teach them the Bible. She said sure and when she asked when do you want to come, they said is three times a week ok?

The new sense of permission she had received at the conference enabled her to do things in a new way and today over 100 kids are gathering several times a week to study the Bible. Many of then are still working out what it means to be a follower of Jesus but they are now talking more and more about Him.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Chile and Paraguay

Today I'm flying to Chile and Paraguay...I'm in Miami and my flight has been delayed till 0130am! I return home on Monday.

In Chile, I will be discussing with the team the steps to implement the vision for CP among the Emerging Generations.

Since the conference last March, a team with intercessors, researchers and strategists has been identified and they are already doing good work.

Please pray as I meet and connect with Fernando, team leader, Claudia, prayer leader (developing 24-7 Prayer) and Johnny, research leader and their newly established team. I will also spend a lot of time with Jose Osses with leads the DAWN project there.

I will then go to Asuncion, Paraguay to have an initial meeting hosted by Freddy who was with us in Cartagena last year. We will be sharing with young people and with senior leaders who still need more clarity in order to give their blessing to this emerging movement there.

This is the first time I'm back to Latin America since last November when we were in Cartagena to launch this process.

Please pray for me!


Monday, July 08, 2002

Movie night

Last night I took Natasha and Zachary to watch Lilo and Stitch. What a fun movie and a good message as well. If you love the sea like I do you will have a blast. Go see it with or with out kids.

Sunday, July 07, 2002

Church Next by Eddie Gibbs and Ian Coffey

This is a great read which I recommend whole heartily. I know both authors and I know that they are living what they are saying.

Basically, Eddie has identified the major changes that church as we know it today in experiencing as it becomes church as it is emerging. Here are the chapter headers to get you interested...

1. from living in the past to engaging with the present
2. from market driven to mission-oriented
3. from bureaucratic hierarchies to apostolic networks
4. from schooling professionals to mentoring leaders
5. from following celebrities to encountering saints
6. from dead orthodoxy to living faith
7. from attracting a crowd to seeking the lost
8. from belonging to believing it
9. from generic congregations to incarnational communities

go get it, it is worth every penny

Saturday, July 06, 2002

24-7 Prayer in the USA

Today we went to Rusty and Laura Carlson's new home to be treated to a Dutch breakfast...I thought that we had to bring our own (only Americans will understand this)...Laura actually made a gourmet breakfast.

We met Casey and Amy Johnson from Bakersfield, CA. They are on the way back home after a year and half of ministry in Spain where they learned to pray 24-7.

The Lord is leading them to start the first official 24-7Prayer base in the US. They have no money, no home, no office, a baby on the way and a whole lot of faith for what they Lord will do through them. These guys have a lot of guts and they need prayer.

The Carlsons are establishing a North American office for 24-7Prayer that eventually will support bases all over the region.

The vision of 24-7Prayer is to change the tide of youth culture, visit their site and read how God is doing it!

Monday, July 01, 2002

visit the skinnykiwi (under Blogger teams) and read more about the Prague event

after a long absence, I'm back on line

it has been a while since the last time I have been in touch.

I've just returned from a weeks holiday in Italy with Donna and a week long conference in Prague.

Our vacation in Italy could not have been better. We flew into Milan and drove down to Genova and down the coast to Rome and then came back through Florence. It was a great week.

The conference in Prague was very special, for the first time, theologians, artists and practitioners came together to discuss the church during this postmodern times. The discussion included Eastern and Central Europeans as well as some Western Europeans.

We made solid contacts with local Czech leaders and key people from Poland. We also made good progress in our relationships with our friends from Sheffield, England and the Jesus Freaks in Germany.

We have returned home in the midst of very busy time as Danilee (our oldest daughter) announced her wedding plans for 3 August just one hour before we left for Europe. We are MOST thankful for this.