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Thursday, September 19, 2002


Check out the new site that our friends who are working the vision here have just put up today

Wednesday, September 18, 2002


He is our fifth child and today he is seven years old!

Zack was born in England, in our home in Reading. He has Sotos Syndrome, a overgrowth condition, which makes his bone age to be older than he is. It also causes his muscles to be weaker.

He is in first grade and inspite of his many challenges, he is doing very well.

His favorite things are, listening to U2 and riding with Daddy in the black car!

Donna has done an amazing job in keeping up with Zack's needs and has a key role with the SS support association.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Remembering Sept 11

In 1982 I took my wife and two little kids to Guatemala. Many thought that this was not a wise move for the nation was at war with itself. It was a dangerous time...yet we felt the Lord told us to go.

Our task was to help the local leaders understand what God was doing in the land and what could happen with the Church joined Him. This was the beginning of our journey with DAWN.

We faced several difficult situations yet through it all we saw the hand of the Lord protecting us.

Clyde Cook, shared one thought that has kept me going till this day, "safety is not the absence of danger but the knowledge that you are dong God's will"

This is as real for today as it has ever been.